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20 Awesome Edge Animate Templates

Using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, Edge Animate is a development tool offered by Adobe. Adobe Edge Animate, also known as Adobe Edge, is a web development tool that uses HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3.

All Edge Animate projects are compatible with HTML5-compatible browsers.

Here are 20 awesome Edge Animate templates for sliders, charts, infographic elements, progress bars, hover effects, maps, carousels and many more. Check them out!

SVG Donut Charts

Here are 6 Edge Animate projects with animated SVG Donut Charts for infographics, statistics, dashboard charts and other data visualizations.


EdgeSlider – A Responsive Slider For Edge Animate

EdgeSlider is a responsive, animating, editable slider for Edge Animate. You can use it as a simple image slider or to play animations. It’s optimized for mobile and desktop.


EdgeDial – A Responsive UI Dial And Image Slider

This responsive UI dial and image slider has many useful features, such as enabling a side menu so your users have more UI navigation options and navigating between internal pages using buttons within a page.


Flat Pie Charts and Progress Bars Templates

Here are some animated flat pie charts and progress bars that can be used for interactive infographics on your website. You can easy edit font, colors, and values.


Spinning SVG Earth Globes: Flat and 3D

Here are some Edge Animate projects with resolution scalable vector graphics (all graphics are SVG files), easy to customize colors, and more.


Wheel Of Luck – Spin To Win!

Wheel Of Luck is a cool animated project that runs on all platforms. Enjoy this popular game on your site!


Circle Hover Effects

Here are some Edge Animate projects with hover effect animations. These are perfect for icons in circles. You will get 28 Edge Animate projects with graphics that are pure CSS shapes, icon fonts or SVG.


Editable 3D Flip Business Card

Here’s a 3D business card with fully editable fields and images on the front. The card flips smoothly to reveal the back info as well.


Edge Interactive SVG Maps

This “Interactive SVG Maps” is built by Adobe Edge Animate CC and runs with Javascript based on SVG. It can be scaled to any size without losing quality.


EdgeCarousel: a sweet 3D Carousel for Edge Animate

This is a 3D carousel that combines the visual power of Edge Animate and the awesome performance and flexibility of Greensock GSAP.


EdgeSlotMachine – HTML5 Slot & Fruit Machine Game

This is a fun slot machine that is customizable with a JSON data file but also, has an arm you actually pull and release to spin the reels.

slot machine edge

EdgeParallax – Smooth Parallax For Edge Animate

This is fully customizable and responsive and offers full support for touch devices, conventional menus, and mouse wheel input types.


Business Mascot Animated Banner

This is a set of professional designed, animated banners in the 3 most used web banner formats: Medium Rectangle, Horizontal Leaderboard, and Vertical Skyscraper.


HTML5 Animated Banner Templates | «Space banner»

This comes with an easily interchangeable banner color scheme, logo, link, and font size. Host runtime files are on Adobe CDN. You will receive the files in PSD format for easy logo changes.


Zoom Kinetic – Adobe Edge Kinetic Text

Zoom Kinetic Text is responsive, scalable and easy to modify. It can be included anywhere from an ad, to a slideshow.


Tangram Animated Christmas Card

This is an Animated Christmas Card in 800×600 px format. This animated card uses 10 different Tangram Christmas shapes which serve to tell a simple Christmas story. All text is editable.


Animated Counters – Edge Animate Collection

This is a multipurpose collection of modern animated counters with beautiful color schemes. You get 16 Edge Animate files which will perfectly integrate into any website.


Double text lines Banner templates

Here are some animated HTML5 (Adobe Edge) Banner templates in 4 formats: Medium Rectangle 300×250, Rectangle 180×150, Leaderboard 728×90, Wide skyscraper 160×600.


3D HTML5 Video Cub

This is a 3D Javascript cube that can be populated with a local XML file. It responds to swipe gestures (mouse or touch).


Theater Curtains Animated Logo Intro

This is an animated Logo Intro / Logo Opener, with a realistic animation. The base format is 800×300 px, and automatically adjusts to any width or height you need.


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Digital typography is made for content consumption. The color, size, placement, and space surrounding text usually correlates with the content style. But in web design you have to consider how these...

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Vandelay Design 2016-10-26 18:17:47

Color doesn’t happen on accident. Except in finger painting, of course. In the world of marketing, everything has a purpose, and color is no exception. From the logo to the landing page, color is...

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20 Best AngularJS Tools for Web Developers

AngularJS is a complete JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of web developers. Its purpose is to make HTML markup dynamic more helpful to web developers.

AngularJS is often used for application development. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Every feature of this framework can be modified to suit your unique development needs.

Here are 20 best AngularJS tools for web developers you will surely want to bookmark. These tools will ease your workflow and even improve it. Check them out!


AngularFire is an AngularJS binding for Firebase. Firebase is a backend service that provides data storage, authentication, and static website hosting for your Angular app.



Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications used to run tests against your application in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.



This is a very lightweight masonry-like grid for AngularJS.



This is a simple tool that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers.



Jasmine is a Behavior Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript. It does not rely on browsers or any JavaScript framework.



Use this tool to speed up your AngularJS development with a complete and scalable build system. It lets you focus on writing code and tests.



Restangular is an AngularJS service that simplifies common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests.



Mocha is a JavaScript test framework running on Node.js. Mocha tests run serially, thus delivering flexible and accurate reports.



This is a lightweight yet powerful IDE, ideal for complex client-side development and server-side development with Node.js



This is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app. You can use it to quickly bootstrap your angular web app projects.



This is an in-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Angular, which you can use to become an AngularJS expert.



ng-inspector is a browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It adds an inspector pane to help you develop, debug and understand your AngularJS applications.



This tool offers @mentions and macros widget based on AngularJS, but with no dependencies on jQuery.



Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. It has a sleek user interface, great features and amazing performance.



With this tool, you can just write everything in English and annotate which parts should be translated. The tool will do the translations.



MEAN is a full stack javascript framework which simplifies and accelerates web app development.



This is a reusable app that provides better app integration with AngularJS. Djangular allows you to create AngularJS content per app.



This is a tool that lets you build web applications quickly and easily. Aptana Studio harnesses the flexibility of Eclipse and focuses it into a powerful web development engine.



Yeoman helps you to kickstart new projects and gives you the best practices and tools to help you stay productive.



This is a companion suite to the AngularJS framework. It offers great user interface elements.


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Personalities in the web space have become the norm with social profiles and international design conferences. But with so many designers out there it’s tough to wade through everyone. In this post...

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Everyone looking for a ready-made design to start selling property online or simply searching for inspiration for their own web projects simply cannot omit this compilation. Featuring only the freshest and trendiest real estate WordPress themes, the chart is intended to save both your time and effort on the choice of the best solution for your site.

Built with valid code and the latest web tendencies in mind, the templates feature different designs, functionality, and customization options. One thing that all of them have in common is the possibility to tweak layouts without any deep coding skills required. Most of the themes are pre-loaded with drag-and-drop content editors. WordPress Live Customizer is also included to speed up the process of the theme’s adaptation. Cherry Framework is at the core of the chosen real estate WordPress themes, giving you a variety of shortcodes, plugins, and other options for enhancing the themes’ look and feel.

We’ll begin our chart with one of the most popular and stunning WordPress themes for real estate projects released by TemplateMonster. The following video review will reveal its most stunning characteristics.

Just in case you need more free educational materials for getting started with your web project, you can make use of this playlist and a set of guides released by StartupHub.

Bellaina – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Bellaina is a powerful, feature-rich WordPress template that is intended to become a rock-solid starting point of websites selling property. It is integrated with Cherry Real estate plugin, allowing the users to look for property via an advanced search form and see the results displayed on the integrated Google Map. The theme features iDX support, turning your site into a real property selling machine. Built-in with Cherry Projects plugin, the theme provides for an effective showcase of offering on the page. Licensed under GPL3. the theme can be installed on an unlimited number of websites.

Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

A neutral design of the template brings the users’ focus of attention on the galleries of retina-ready images showcasing property. The theme’s navigation is presented by means of an editable MegaMenu. Banners and image thumbnails are supplied with a hover effect, revealing additional information about a specific offer on the mouse-over. The theme features a clear hierarchy of content on its pages. Card-based galleries enhance the theme’s scannability.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agent WordPress Theme

This fully responsive template runs on Cherry Framework 4. The latter provides you with the ease of installation and modification of the theme’s elements to a great degree. The pack is also pre-loaded with a set of custom Cherry plugins. Premium MotoPress Content Editor is included in the theme’s pack for free. With its help, you can tweak the layout without the need to touch a line of code.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate WP Theme

The template features a clean yet appealing style. Its header is enhanced with a large hero slider. Backgrounds include polygon-inspired elements, bringing a trendy look and feel to the template. The parallax scrolling effect adds a feeling of depth to the layout, getting the users immersed into the atmosphere of your business as they navigate the pages.


Details |  Demo

Apartment Rent WordPress Theme

The theme is designed to bring the users’ focus of attention to the property that a company sells. Sliders and photo galleries allow you to demonstrate hot deals and the latest projects in a captivating style. Stunning animation enhances the visual appeal of the template. Owing to a filterable photo gallery, the users can narrow down the list of items displayed on the page based on certain criteria.


Details |  Demo

Realtor Company WordPress Theme

This elegant and functional template is built with attention to details. A split-screen technique allows organizing the site’s data in an easy-to-comprehend manner. The theme is rich in quality images intended to display your offerings in the most eye-catching style. The content is quick and easy to scan. The integration of lazy load effect ensures that all data of your web project will load properly as a user browses your site’s pages.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

A minimalist look of the template and a smart use of whitespace bring the content in the spotlight. The data features a grid-based structure, allowing you to save on space while sharing loads of different pieces of information. The main navigation panel remains sticky in the theme’s header. Backgrounds support the parallax scrolling effect. There is also a possibility to organize content into carousels. A portfolio section is supplied with a quick view option.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate Broker WordPress Theme

This is a powerful and feature-rich template intended for building real estate portals. GPL3-licensed, it gives webmasters the total freedom of its use and modification. Integrated with Cherry Real Estate plugin, the theme provides the users with a possibility to search for property and see results live on the map. The template also features iDX support and Cherry Projects plugin, similar to Bellaina.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Designed in retro-inspired style, the theme looks charming. A fully responsive layout is specifically tailored to let smartphone and tablet users browse property listings on-the-go. The theme looks simple and user-friendly. Neat recognizable icons enhance navigation, guiding the users’ eye through your content effortlessly.


Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Keep your audience focused on the property listings by means of this elegant theme. Placed on fair backgrounds, vivid coral design elements look far more outstanding. The theme is integrated with social media options, inviting the users to join your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The integration of carousel sliders makes it possible to highlight sets of featured offers in a balanced style on the theme’s front page.


Details |  Demo

Financial Consultant WP Template

The theme is intended to be handled equally well by both beginner and pro webmasters. It features a responsive and fully editable layout. Integration of sets of content modules and pre-designed page layouts speeds up and facilitates the process of the theme’s adaptation to a great degree. Thanks to the availability of custom widgets, you can enhance the way your site’s content is presented by means of sliders, carousels, social media options, etc.


Details |  Demo

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

A page-width header slider brings a set of the highlighted property in the spotlight. Advanced search bar right below it invites the users to navigate to the right content by simply typing in a search request. The template runs on a fully responsive Cherry Framework. Lazy load effect is added to grow your site’s loading speed. SEO optimization ensures that your web page will be visible in search engines.


Details |  Demo

Renting Apartments WordPress Theme

The theme will work well not only for real estate but also travel and hotels sites. Designed and developed with usability in mind, it captivates with a highly intuitive interface. Apartments search from is placed on top of the page-width header slider. Enumerated lists, grids, and columns let the users scan through the content provided on the theme’s pages effortlessly. Google maps widget and contact details are placed at the bottom of the page.


Details |  Demo

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

The theme is developed to run flawlessly on all handheld and desktop devices. Featuring bold, touch-friendly elements, it guarantees that the users will feel the ease of browsing all of the site’s content on-the-go. Featuring amazing animation effects, the theme is both functional and visually stunning. The main navigation bar is sticky. So, whenever a user needs to read a company story or browse a gallery, he/she can reach the respective page with a click.


Details |  Demo

Rental Services WordPress Theme

Clean, flat style of the template is enhanced with the parallax scrolling and beautiful animation effects, making the page livelier. By means of a carousel slider, you can highlight the most trending offerings in the theme’s header. Large, eye-catching headlines provide for better content hierarchy. Google maps widget is noticeable, placed above an explicit section with the company story.


Details |  Demo

These are the 15 real estate WordPress templates that we consider being the best for showcasing property listings in a smart and appealing style. See all of them in action on live demos. Visit the download pages for more specific lists of specs. Found a design that perfectly matches your business? Go ahead and grab it! The following free eBooks should help you grow your business potential with the help of a ready-made design.


Download Free

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With Photoshop being the de-facto design software it can be tough knowing what else is out there. Affinity Designer is a great alternative and it's one of the few programs specifically made for UI/UX...

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20 Awesome Free Chalkboard Fonts

If you are into experimenting with new typefaces in your graphic design projects, then you’ll surely like this list of 20 awesome and free chalkboard fonts. These free chalkboard font will let you discover lots of other design possibilities and possibly spark some creative ideas into your mind.

Even though these are free chalkboard fonts, they are high-quality and you’ll definitely want to bookmark at least some of them for later use.

Here they are!

Drawing Guides font

You may use this version of ‘Drawing Guides’ for personal use only but if you wish to use it commercially you will need to purchase a license.


Smudgie Crayon font

‘Smudgie Crayon’ can be used for personal use only. If you need to use it commercially you will need to buy a license.


Urban Sketch

Urban Sketch is a free font by Nils von Blanc. The Font was inspired by Ray Larabie and his “GUNPLAY” Font. This Font is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported.


Return To Sender

This font is free for personal use. Any commercial use requires a license which is available for a fee.


Whatever it takes

This font is free and now includes a bold version! It is only free for personal and non-profit use.


KG Ten Thousand Reasons font

This font is a chalkboard-style handwriting font. If you need a commercial license, a small donation is needed. Otherwise, it is free for personal use.


Chalk Line Outline font

This font was created with Adobe Illustrator and Fontographer 5. It is a chalk line outline font.



This font is a font that is free for personal use only. It has a chalk-style and lovely details.


KG Second Chances

This font is free for personal use. This duo of fonts is a striped sketchy outline coupled with a solid version. It is perfect for creating Pinterest-inspired projects!



This font is the handwritten version of Georgia. It works best in very large letters.


Ribeye font

Ribeye and Ribeye Marrow are cartoon tattoo styled with an edgy design and highly legible letterforms.


KG Broken Vessels Sketch font

This font is a hand-sketched sans serif sketch font. For a solid version, pair this with KG Second Chances Solid.


Sandbox Melodrama

This font is free for personal and non-profit use. You will need to donate $5 for commercial use.


Chalkboard by Marta van Eck font

This is a real chalkboard font. It includes capitals, lower cases, numbers and some signs. This is perfect for any school projects and pages.


Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded

“Chalk Hand Lettering Pack” is a free font pack with great details, perfect for projects hat require a more handmade look.



This font is free for personal use. You also can redistribute the fonts on your website as long as you give credit to their creator.


Orange Juice

This font is free for personal and non-profit use. Use it in any personal project you want.


Who Needs Consistency

This font is free for personal use. For commercial licensing, please contact the creator. It will require a small fee.


Sketch Block

This is a great free font with a sketch style. Ideal for any kinds of handmade projects.


Vtks Love Love

This is a romantic, hand lettering, sketchy font. It is free for personal use only.


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How to Design the Perfect Contact Page

Contact pages are critically important for websites—the more efficient and user-friendly a contact page, the more opportunities are likely to arise. A good contact page design can even influence...

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Looking for some fresh Illustrator freebies to add to your collection? We selected some great freebie sets for icons, UI kits, vector elements and more!

These Illustrator freebies also come in other popular formats, for easy customization, such as PSD, SVG, PNG and more. Most of these Illustrator freebies are free for both personal and commercial use but make sure you check each item’s license after downloading.

Here they are!

Free basic outline icons

This is a free set of outline icons created in both Sketch and Ai formats. There are 70 icons in this set.



Citysets is a collection of city-based icon sets for Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. The set includes cities like London, New York, Paris and Sydney.


Free vector line icons

This is a free set of 100 line icons in SVG, Ai, EPS and PNG formats, that are also free for commercial use.


iOS 9.3 UI kit 

This is a UI kit for iOS 9.3 that is totally free and includes useful elements for Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. It is ideal for designing app prototypes.


Free music icons 

This is a set of 12 colorful music icons , which come as vectors for both Sketch and Illustrator.


Free tool tiny icons

This is a free set with tool icon in two different sizes (16×16 and 32×32) and in AI , EPS , SVG , PNG formats. It includes useful glyphs like hammers, rulers, knives, bulbs, screwdrivers, etc.


Dripicons v2

Dripicons v2 is a generous set of 200 free icons that come in PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and Sketch formats. This free pack comes with a Webfont as well.


Free checkout & delivery icons

This is a set of 35 e-commerce icons for checkout and delivery. The icons come in AI, EPS, SVG, Sketch, PSD and PNG formats and are fully editable.


Free vector user avatar icons

This is a set of vector user avatar icons, available in Sketch and Illustrator formats. These can be used for community websites.


Office Ai icons

This is a set of 280 office line icons designed in Illustrator.


Christmas vector icons

This is a set of 100 Christmas icons that come as vector shapes which can be used to create awesome illustrations. You can easily edit these icons, change colors, shapes, or anything else.


Coloured Christmas icons

This is part of a 3-pack set with colored Christmas icons created in Adobe Illustrator. They are free to download and use.


Random Stuff vol.3 

Random Stuff vol.3 is a free AI freebie set with vector shaped icons designed with Adobe Illustrator.


Gesture icons

This is a set of 100 useful gesture and fingerprints line icons. These vector icons are available in PSD, AI, EPS, PNG and SVG formats.


Free weather icons

This is a set of 26 free vector weather icons. These icons were created with Adobe Illustrator.


Outline beer icons

This is a set of 6 outline beer icons created with Adobe Illustrator. They can be used for food and beverage related projects.


Geometric weather icons

This is a set with 8 animated geometric weather icons created with Illustrator.



Micons is a set of 231 tiny icons created with vector shapes. You can use these for both app and web projects.


Random Stuff – AI icons

This is a set including 30 random vector-shaped icons designed with Adobe Illustrator.


Free e-commerce icons 

This is a set of 40 e-commerce icons, with different colors and a simple design, that come as both PSD and AI files.


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