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Webflow is a professional drag and drop website builder using a responsive web design interface. You can use this CMS to design, prototype, and launch dynamic and responsive websites, for any kind of niche. You can do all this right in your browser, without writing code.

If you’re interested in having a Webflow website, but don’t want to waste any time on designing it yourself, we selected 20 best Webflow templates, powered by Webflow’s CMS interface. With these Webflow templates, you will launch your site without the hassle of an overly complex user interface.


You can easy customize this template, add your own content, blog posts, portfolio, team etc. Have your own high-quality website in just a few minutes with this Webflow template.



Signoria is a clean and modern yoga WebFlow template, built by users for users and with a great attention to details. This website template is fully responsive and looks great on mobile devices and desktops as well.



Joeby is a super flexible, clean Webflow CMS theme for all kinds of businesses. Drag elements and sections, change colors and fonts with just a few clicks, using this template.



Clu is an awesome parallax one-page creative template. Editing this template with the Webflow Website Builder is very easy. You can change colors, texts or replace the images in just a few minutes.



London is a creative Webflow masonry portfolio showcase template for agencies, graphic designers, freelancers, photographers, and more.



Creativ is a multipurpose Webflow template with a minimal design. It is 100% responsive, retina ready and built to use the most advanced and popular Webflow visual drag and drop editor features.



Duotone is a music & band website template created for Webflow. It can be easily customize using the drag and drop design tool. It is inspired by Spotify.



Rudra is a multipurpose one and multi-page WebFlow template. It can be used for photography, wedding, restaurant, business, product, mobile app, and web app websites.



Unika is a flexible material design Webflow template for all kinds of businesses. This templates is fully responsive and has a professional design with a clean semantic code.



Hausy is a modern portfolio template created to showcase the work of creative people and design agencies. It is focused on professionals from creative areas, such as designers, photographers, and artists.



Volar is modern, multipurpose, minimal and responsive theme based on Webflow. It has 9 homepage styles and useful pages such as About, Team, Portfolio, and Blog.



Ballard is a minimal Webflow theme for creative professionals looking to establish a smart online presence. This template is perfect for designers, business professionals, artists, and more.



Evnt is a Webflow template for events, conferences, and festivals. It’s extremely easy to edit due to Webflow’s drag and drop builder.



Mentor is a beautiful Webflow template mainly suitable for mentors who offer personal development services. It can also be used by coaches, trainers, therapists or other similar businesses.



MAGIC is a polyvalent, elegant website template offering a range of unique interactions. It is versatile and perfect for creative people, corporates, agencies, e-commerce, business, portfolios, and more.


Horizon is a modern and elegant theme with a multipurpose design. It is retina ready and responsive. This template is perfect for any creative, business, photography, personal or music websites.


This theme is suitable for travel agencies looking for a modern and colorful theme to promote their business. You can create unlimited pages in a very simple way and also create travel packages and offers for any destination.


Hive is a well-designed theme for restaurants and cafes looking to establish a contemporary online presence. i has an uncluttered design that keeps all the vital information visible.


This theme includes awesome features, such as CSS animations, unique navigation, contact form, etc. It can be used for any type of websites.



This is a super flexible and clean design Webflow CMS theme for all kinds of businesses. You can easily customize it, change colors and fonts with a few clicks, and more.


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Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes serve somewhat similar purposes, but they are not one and the same. The names are often used wrongly. And it can lead to selecting one type of tool when you would...

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A great user interface is very important in web design. Having a good UI will help users accomplish any tasks easily and efficiently browse through the given info on a page.

The look and overall atmosphere of a site are also important, but besides having a great, creative design, a website must be fully functional and user-friendly as well.

Here is a list of some best user interfaces on websites. We selected 20 great examples to inspire you. These websites have effective UI designs that will make all users happy.

Here they are.


This is an online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results.



On this website, you can play educational games, watch videos, and create art with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, and more of your favorite muppets!


Authentic Weather

Authentic Weather is probably the most honest & human weather app out there. It has a great user interface design.



Smarty Pins is a Google Maps based geography and trivia game, created to encourage more people to interact with Google Maps.


Paper for iPad

Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. It is an app for Apple devices.



Dropbox simplifies the way you create, share and collaborate and lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.


Built By Buffalo

Founded in 2006, Buffalo is a small web design & development agency based in Brighton, UK.



GlobeConvert easily converts to the co-ordinates you are used to any values of 80+ units. It has a very user-friendly interface.



Did you know you can trek the world with Google Maps? Take a Street View journey to sites of cultural, historical, and geographic significance. It has a great user-friendly interface.



‘World of SWISS’ is an incredible interactive site that takes a traveler behind the scenes to experience a day with the Swiss Airlines crew.


Campaign Monitor: Worldview

Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns. It has a great UI design.



This app lets you collect, nurture, and share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms. It is very user-friendly.



This site lets you assess your own personal level of risk is the first step when it comes to taking charge of your breast and ovarian health. It has a nice, interactive UI design.


Google More Than A Map

Millions of websites and apps use Google Maps APIs to power location experiences for their users. This is the user-friendly guide Google has created.



Book your next flight with Virgin America. This is their presentation site which has a very nice UI design.



With this app you can make music in seconds, share, remix and collaborate with music makers all over the world.


Foundation Framework

Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks that make it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps, and emails.



Netflix has a great UI design that looks perfectly on smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more.



This is a revolutionary video news app for your busy life. Looks great on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and on the Web.



Toyota’s site is highly functional and has a user-friendly design and interface.


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Why Do Designers Make Awesome Entrepreneurs?

If you’re a designer, chances are you have a full-time job (and maybe even a freelance position on the side.) For many designers, this is an enjoyable option, complete with benefits and flexibility....

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Why Do Designers Make Awesome Entrepreneurs?

If you’re a designer, chances are you have a full-time job (and maybe even a freelance position on the side.) For many designers, this is an enjoyable option, complete with benefits and flexibility....

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Have you heard about the new Shutterstock plugin for Adobe PhotoshopShutterstock released a free Photoshop plugin that will simplify your work by letting you browse, download and license stock images, right from your Photoshop canvas.

We decided to review it and let you know how can this plugin help you and how you can use it, just so you can easily see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

If you prefer to watch over reading, check out the video below, which shows you a straightforward presentation about this plugin.

How can you benefit from this plugin?

First of all, if you’re the kind of designer who often works with stock images, this plugin will be a huge time-saver for you. No more searching directly on the website, then downloading the watermarked image, checking if it matches your design and then heading back to the website to download and purchase it. All of these will be a thing of the past. You can now browse Shutterstock without ever leaving Photoshop.

Even better, you can also purchase the photos you like, without leaving the application. You will need an active Shutterstock account if you want to download and license the stock photos. Otherwise, if you just want to use the watermarked photos to show them to your client first, all you need is the plugin, no sign in required.


Browse by stock photo collections.

To minimize the clicks until you find the perfect photo for your project, Shutterstock integrated some photo collections into this plugin. You will find Color Palettes, Emotions, and Utilities, as main categories. Each collection has a bunch of sub-collections. So for ‘Color Palettes’ you will be able to easily search by main colors, such as Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple.


For ‘Emotions’, there are 6 main emotion-targeted sub-collections, such as Anger, Love, Joy, Sadness and more. ‘Utilities’ is a collection specifically created for easily finding for stock resources such as mockups (blank templates), photos suitable for text applied onto them, filters, textures, and more.


Editing stock photos has never been easier.

After browsing and finding a photo you like, all you have to do is click on the Insert Preview button and the image will be instantly inserted into your project.

The difference now is that with this plugin you can save time by editing the photos only once! After you chose the photo you like and inserted it into your project, you can edit it by resizing, applying filters, and more, and then, if it’s a good fit, all you have to do is license it. All the edits will be re-applied to the high-quality purchased photo.

No need for you to re-edit the photo. With the help of this plugin, Photoshop will remember all the editing processes you applied to the watermarked, unlicensed image and re-add them to the final photo.


Check your stock photos browsing history.

If you remember that you previewed a photo you liked but didn’t add it to your project and now you’re looking for it again, you can easily find it with just a click! Your browsing history is available from inside the plugin, so you can easily grab all the photos you want and add them to your work.


Look for similar photos

If you need more photos that match a specific criteria, all you have to do is click on the Similar Images tab button, located right below the red button. It will then show you a list of similar images, from the same category. You can also select Similar Model, which works when working with stock photos of people. Take a look at the Featured Collections as well. You will find plenty of stock images in these sub-collections.


Final thoughts…

This plugin is particularly useful for graphic designers, web designers, but also architects/rendering specialists. You will find lots of resources for any kind of project. At the time of writing this review, the plugin works only with Photoshop CC 2014 and Photoshop CC 2015 and it’s available for Mac and PC users. You can download it for free, here.

Download Shutterstock Photoshop Plugin

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Any field (even artistic ones) can occasionally lack creative drive. Everyday routines can lack the inspiration spontaneity often provides. The “talks” offered by CreativeMornings fight everyday...

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The first impression your visitor gets when browsing your site is crucial! That’s why your homepage is one of the most important pages on your site and must be eye-catching and very well-designed, so the visitor likes what he/she sees and starts to browse your site even further.

There are no second chances on making a good first impression, so make sure the homepage of your site best reflects your brand and will catch the visitors’ attention.

Here are some brilliantly designed home pages we decided to share with you. These 20 websites have some really remarkable home pages that will surely inspire you too. Some of them belong to some popular brands, whole others are less known websites, but all of them have beautiful designs you can learn something from.

Here they are!


You all have already heard of TED. It has a very user-friendly, content-focused design and the homepage gives off a secure but easy-going vibe.



The homepage looks gorgeous. It catches your attention with the full-screen video and it is also very intuitive and user-friendly, having a search right on the home page.



This website’s homepage impresses with the amazing, high-resolution animation effects and intriguing background music.



This homepage has a lot of elements on it, but despite that it doesn’t look cluttered at all. It is easy to consume the info presented here and also the CTA is very compelling.



This homepage design amazes through its simplicity. It is highly interactive and will intrigue the visitors to learn more about the service.



Dropbox’s homepage stands out due to its simplicity. It embraces white spaces and uses copy and visuals effectively. The CTA is clear as well.



This website has a simple, but content-rich homepage as well, due to its awesome scrolling function. This makes it easy for the user to read through the content, without clicking on too many links.



Evernote has a very effective homepage that delivers many messages in a compelling way. The key benefits of the app are visible and the CTA is efficient.



This is a simple website with a fullscreen video. It’s clear, effective, and exactly what the visitor is looking for.



This site’s homepage has very clear headlines and a simple, but effective design. The right info stands out, making it easy for the visitor to understand what this site is all about.



This online magazine has a very clean, minimalist homepage design, but with a focus on both visuals and text. It is content-rich, and all you have to do is scroll down to read through the posts.



This homepage has lovely illustrations and a childish and fun overall design. It’s also very interactive, making the visitor curious about what’s going on the site.



This website’s slider instantly interacts with the visitor. Asking the visitor a question will surely make him/her curious about the site and what it has to offer.

13-conde-nast-traveler-travel-reviews-news-guides-tips offers the opportunity to form your own opinion about animal experimentation in medical research through an interactive experience. It has an interactive and effective homepage design.


Anna Morosini

Anna Morosini is a young Italian photographer who translates body language into emotional pictures. Her website design is beautiful, mixing simplicity and sensuality.


Meet Graham

Graham reminds us how vulnerable our bodies are and how we would need to look like to survive a crash on the road. This campaign’s website design has extremely well-designed illustrations and effective copy.


Kygo Life

Kygo Life is a classic hardware and fashion line from the famous DJ KYGO. The homepage and overall website design has a Scandinavian look and feel,creating a sophisticated yet playful atmosphere.


Ed Stafford

Ths site offers an interactive video experience called the #EdExperience, in which users must navigate Ed through a ‘survival challenge’. It immediately interacts with the users, which is a great plus for homepage designs!


51 Sprints – The Human Race

This site design offers a different take on data visualization: a run simulator that combines historical footage and data from the 100m sprint finals as a starting point to deconstruct the Olympic Games. The homepage will surely catch any visitors attention in a heartbeat.


Romain Passelande – Portfolio

This is the portfolio of Romain Passelande aka RomainPSD, Digital Designer. Its homepage is very interesting and has some really beautiful design details.


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Blogs have come a long way in the past 15 years both in content and design. Most print media brands have their own alternative websites and many publishers are opting towards the online model for...

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Are you suffocating at the office day and night putting up with a cantankerous boss for a laughable salary? Don’t you think that it’s time to shout out loud “Stop it! I quit!”

It’s your life and it’s now or never. So, don’t procrastinate, follow your dream. Nobody is promised they will see tomorrow. We are living right now, at this moment, and TemplateMonster is ready to help you launch your own business. The lessons will take place in the form of a Marathon. The admission is free for everybody.


It won’t be an exaggeration to call this Marathon a grandiose event. TemplateMonster’s team has been getting ready for it for a long time. And finally this day has come.

Attention, please!

TemplateMonster is providing a brilliant opportunity to EVERYBODY to participate in the Marathon and launch their own web design related business in 61 days. Don’t know much about running a business online or web design? It’s not a problem. You can still apply for registration here because all you need is a passionate desire to create and earn money. That’s all you must have to start this journey.

When does the Marathon start?

The lessons will become accessible on the 26th of September 2016.

All “runners” will be given the opportunity to learn for free and launch their own web design studio in only 61 days.

Please stick to the main Marathon rule! Do all the assignments on time!


What will you learn?

Over a period of 61 days TemplateMonster will reveal all its secrets – from creating websites to selling them.

Having completed all the tasks you will become the owner of your own web design studio. You will be able to work from any place on earth and generate a stable income. TemplateMonster will teach you to plan your budget and manage it.

Failure to do one assignment and you are out of the Marathon. Sorry, “dura lex, sed lex”.


Some more info about the Marathon

First of all we want you to understand that the Marathon is not just another series of training programmes. You can find hundreds of those on the Internet. Marathon is a specific step-by-step guide.

You must be sure that you have enough eagerness and aspiration to learn all the lessons on the way to setting up your own business.

Those Marathon runners who cope with all the tasks on time will get valuable prizes from TemplateMonster. We can’t tell you now what the prizes will be. Only Marathon participants will be entitled to know this secret information.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and change your life in only 61 days?  Welcome to the registration page.

Follow your dream, achieve your goals and never rest on your laurels. Grow stronger!

Register for the Marathon

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